The Energized Approach for Creating a Safe, Healthy and Productive Workplace By Michael Melnik (57 Min.)

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The Energized Approach for Creating a Safe, Healthy and Productive Workplace – By Michael Melnik, MS, OT

Intended Audience: Managers, Supervisors, Leads and anyone in the organization who has some responsibility for the health and safety of employees.


  • The role of energy in the success of safety program
  • What happens to programs when the energy is absent
  • The 10 essential energy sources that are critical for program success
  • The specific role that each energy source plays in effective safety programs
  • Numerous strategies for energizing your organization’s safety programs

Presentation Description:

This presentation focuses on the 10 Essential Energy Sources (Commitment, Communication, Consistency, Accountability, Respect, Recognition, Inclusion, Flexibility, Creativity and Fun), and how each one impacts program success. Michael provides numerous real-world examples from his 30 years of work with companies across the country.  The Energized Approach ensures that your programs are implemented in an environment that is filled with employees at all levels of the organization that are motivated and engaged. It’s all about the Energy!

In this high-energy, humorous and information-packed presentation, Michael Melnik shares time-tested strategies that helps organizations get the most from their safety efforts. Most safety programs focus on the policies and procedures, training, posters and other logistical items. In short, they focus on “WHAT” needs to be done. While these things are important, there is another critical element that needs to be addressed, and that’s “HOW” these things are done. It’s the packaging. Focusing attention to “How” safety is developed, delivered and supported determines the way it will be received.

Length: 57 minutes

Media: Thumb-Drive, DVD and/or Streaming option available.

Languages: Available in English as well as subtitled in the following:

  • Arabic Subtitled
  • Czech Subtitled
  • Chinese Simplified Subtitled
  • Chinese Traditional Subtitled
  • Dutch Subtitled
  • English
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  • French Subtitled
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  • Italian Subtitled
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