Charlie Morecraft – Keynote Motivational Safety Speaker

Charlie Morecraft, an ordinary guy with an extraordinary story!

Charlie Morecraft - Keynote Safety Speaker

Charlie had more than 15 years experience on the job, and he knew it well. He knew all the rules. He knew all the safety regulations . . . and he knew all the shortcuts around them too. Yes, Charlie was just like all the other seasoned workers at the refinery; he was certain that nothing could go wrong when he was in control. And he was right ….. Except for this one time . . .

When Charlie tells his story the audience sits in rapt attention as they are moved to new levels of awareness. Charlie has that rare and unique ability to speak with ordinary words and conjure extraordinary images. Both he and his story are unforgettable. His words are simple, and he tells us things we think we already know, but he tells it in a way that will dramatically change our attitudes toward safety forever.

His primary messages are “Safety is about going home at the end of the day, kissing your wife and hugging your kids”, and “We are each responsible for our own safety”.

They aren’t new messages, but Charlie gives us a powerful new way of looking at them.

Remember Charlie - Keynote Safety Speaker Charlie Morecraft from Charles Morecraft on Vimeo.

Charlie Morecraft is an ordinary guy with an extraordinary story that Saves Lives!

Most people have the same attitude about safety that Charlie Morecraft had for a decade and a half while working at a refinery.

Having been critically injured in an explosion that burned over 45% of his body, Charlie Morecraft conveys, in the most penetrating way, the lesson he so painfully learned.  Seldom, are people confronted by the real consequences of an abuse in safety practices.

Anyone who hears Charlie’s story will be deeply moved and motivated to never again take safety for granted.

Charlie’s emphasis is on the significance of attitude and personal responsibility.

Some of the learning objectives are:

(1) To facilitate insight into everyone’s own safety practices and attitudes

(2) To be a “wake-up call” that shakes people out of complacency and taking responsibilities for granted

(3) To make people become more responsible for their own safety on the job, at home, at play, at travel, everywhere.  This continues to result in people handling all aspects of their lives with a greater awareness and appreciation of safety.  Some examples are; wearing prescribed safety equipment on the job, following safety procedures at work and at home, wearing seat belts in moving vehicles, etc.

Charlie’s message alters people’s attitudes toward safety, their consciousness is raised to a new level.

Their actions and behavior go from being thoughtless, lackadaisical and routine to “safety first & always”.

Charlie Morecraft is a powerful and dynamic public speaker.  His audiences get a highly personal, private look at what happened to one man – – – and how it could happen to any one of us.  As Charlie always says – “I’m just an ordinary guy…with an extraordinary story to tell”.

Live Safety Presentations & Live Webinars

These safety presentations typically runs 1 hour followed by a 15-30 minute question and answer session where Charlie interacts with the audience.

Please feel free to ask about discounts for multiple presentations. Charlie has a second presentation called “Safety’s Everyone’s Responsibility” that can be used as a follow-up to “Remember Charlie” or stand on its own.

Live Webinar With Charlie Morecraft

Safety Videos from Charlie Morecraft

Charlie’s motivational safety videos, including the best seller “Remember Charlie”, have been seen by millions worldwide. Suitable for any company looking to drop accident-ratio, these videos are powerful, profound and impactful, often altering people’s attitude towards safety forever. Buy videos at