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Employee Injury Prevention Training - Program designed and presented by Michael Melnick M.S., O.T.R

Michael Melnik is a nationally recognized speaker and injury prevention specialist who has delivered his powerful message to more than 750,000 participants around the world. He has played an instrumental role in the national back injury prevention programs at The Home Depot, Wal-Mart, PetSmart, Coca Cola, Delta Airlines, Best Buy and many more.  

ALL of the information Michael has shared with these organizations is now available via online streaming, 24/7, and accessible via computer, tablet and smartphone.

Standard Package (10 videos) – Employee Injury Prevention Training 

Perfect for organizations that want to dramatically increase their injury prevention video library with powerful content.

Program Contents:

  • This package contains 10 Full-Length, professionally produced Videos, being 7 videos designed for employees and 3 for the leadership team. These popular, award-winning videos are being used by thousands of companies across the country.
  • The principles covered in each of these engaging and effective videos are consistent throughout the entire library.
  • Comprehensive User’s Guide that offers tips for effective use included with your subscription.
  • The videos can be viewed 24/7 on computers, tablets or smartphones.
  • Content available in English and Spanish, both languages included in your subscription package.

Videos included in this package:

Video #1: The Back Owner’s Guide to Lifting and Stretching (English and Spanish)

You’ve heard it all before…bend your knees and keep your back straight! If it were really that simple we’d all be lifting this way and back injuries would be a thing of the past. The fact is that there is no single correct way to lift. There are however, better, less demanding and safer ways to lift and that’s what this DVD is all about. In this program, Michael introduces the viewers to 3 simple and memorable principles, “Keep it Close and Keep the Curves”, “Build a Bridge” and “Feet First”. Utilizing these principles anyone can take a demanding lift and make it “better”, “safer” and “less demanding” on the back. Length: 16 minutes.

Video #2: Blink! A Practical Approach to Workplace Stretching – Employee Version (English and Spanish)

For years, organizations have attempted to integrate stretching into the workday. The problem has been employee resistance, time constraints, perceived costs and low compliance.  This video introduces a fun, simple, practical and EFFECTIVE strategy that allows organizations to bring stretching into the workplace in a way that maximizes participation, reduces resistance and gets great results. This video is aimed at employees and it introduces the concept of “Blink!” and demonstrates a variety of simple and effective workplace stretches. Length: 11 minutes.

Video #3: Blink! A Practical Approach to Workplace Stretching – Manager Version (English and Spanish)

This video is aimed at the leadership team and it offers simple and practical strategies for implementing the “Blink!” process. Length: 10 minutes.

Video #4: A Better Way to Lift  (English and Spanish)

In this highly entertaining video with engaging visuals, Michael introduces the 3 principles that can make any lifting situation “better” and “less demanding”.  Length: 14 minutes.

Video #5: A Bit about Backs”  (3 Modules)

This unique 3-module video breaks the mold of traditional education approaches by presenting important information in an entertaining and humorous style. The modules effectively teach problem-solving skills, while high energy, humor and creative visuals capture the viewer’s attention and motivate change. Length: 11 to 14 minutes per module.

Video #6: On the Road: The Lighter Side of Lifting

In this fun, engaging and award-winning video, you follow Michael as he hits the road to find “better” ways to perform material handling in a variety of real-life situations. For years, people have been instructed in the “right way” to lift. While the perfect lift isn’t always possible, viewers will be introduced to some simple and practical strategies that can make every lift less demanding. Length: 21 minutes.

Video #7: Stretching Out At Work

This DVD describes and demonstrates actual stretching and warm-up activities that can be incorporated into the work environment. This video shows how stretching and warm-up exercises prior to and during work activities reduce injuries while increasing employee comfort. Michael introduces 3 of his time-tested strategies as he directs the viewers to “Let your body know what’s coming”, “Let your body breathe” and “Remember the rule of opposites”. Length: 12 minutes.

Video #8: Take Five for Health and Safety (5 modules)

This fun and informative series of 8-minute videos addresses sitting, standing, stretching, ergonomics and lifting in 5 unique, individual and entertaining segments. Each video utilizes a talk show format with Michael as the featured guest. The creative commercials between each segment drive home the key points of injury prevention. Each video is a great length for a quick review of these important topics. Length: 8 minutes per module. Length: Approximately 8 minutes per module.

Video #9: Batteries Not Included; The Energized Approach for Achieving Great Programs (Leadership Video)

Having trouble getting a safety initiative off the ground? Not sure how to get employee buy in? Is your company going through changes and you find yourself facing resistance? Have a shelf full of good programs that you’d like to turn into great ones? The Energized Approach for Achieving Great Programs will help you “power-up” your program, your employees and your workplace. Organizations that focus on the 10 Essential Energy Sources create environments that are ready for action! Using real life examples, great visuals and an easy and humorous style, Michael will introduce you to “The Energized Approach” that will maximize the investment for all your organizations’ programs. Length: 30 minutes.

Video #10: From Knowing to Doing: Effective Safety Training Strategies: (Leadership Video)

For years, classroom training has been the method of choice for influencing safe behaviors. Unfortunately it has become abundantly clear that there is a huge difference between what employees learn in the classroom and what they do with what they learned. While information has a great deal of value, its impact is not only influenced by the strength of the content, but also by how the content is developed, packaged, delivered and supported. This fun, high energy program takes a critical and humorous look at training and offers insights and strategies for training that not only influences what participants know, but also what they do.

Extended Package (160 videos) – Employee Reinforcement and Leadership Strategies

Perfect for organizations that want the full-length employee videos AND want to provide their leadership teams with an abundance of practical, powerful and time-tested strategies to “energize” their safety efforts.

Program Contents:

  • This package contains the 10 full-length training videos, included in the standard package, PLUS more than 150 brief videos for leadership and employees (90 seconds to 4 minutes each).
  • These videos were created to reinforce the information in the full-length employee training programs.
  • Perfect for toolbox talks, start-up meetings or as a “safety moment”.
  • It also offers dozens of short videos for the leadership team that provide simple, practical and effective strategies that have helped companies across the country generate the greatest impact from their safety efforts.
  • Comprehensive User’s Guide that offers tips for effective use included with your subscription.
  • The videos can be viewed 24/7 on computers, tablets or smartphones.
  • Content available in English and Spanish, both languages included in your subscription package.

Videos included in this package (all 10 videos from Standard package PLUS 150 brief videos for leadership and employees)

Brief Employee Coaching Videos

The following videos average 3 to 4 minutes in length. Many are 90 seconds or less. The employee videos can be shown by leadership team members to reinforce the content presented in the full-length videos. These can be used as a part of a safety meeting, during a start-up meeting or toolbox talk or as a “safety moment” to kick off a meeting on any topic. 

  • Back Injury Prevention
  • Stretching
  • General Wellness 

Brief Leadership Strategies Videos

  • Back Injury Prevention
  • Stretching and Warm-up Programs
  • General Safety
  • Effective Training Strategies
  • Leadership Strategies